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It’s a TRAP

This trap is the biggest and most common pitfall of would be entrepreneurs today.

It's sometimes called "Analysis Paralysis", but I like to call it what it is.


Fear of failing

Fear of being judged

Fear of not being able to handl...

We’re not crazy (honest!)

A lot of people look at me like I’m crazy when I tell people my mentor James brings in experts every week for up to $500 an hour in his FR-EE group.

And rightly so…

Why on earth would he bring in experts in Google, Facebook, YouTube, Productivity, Email marketing ...

Are you a bit… challenged?

There’s nothing to be embarrassed about.

There is so much new technology and so much to learn…

And there’s an incredible amount of noise online!

Up until now, technically challenged people have had a rough time of it online.

I say up unti...

Do you need a helping hand?

It was January 2017.

After recovering from his final suicide attempt he had a new found drive to make up for all the time he had wasted.

The problem was…

He didn’t know where to start!

He had no marketable skills.

Hadn’t st...

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